Where Does the Wind Come From?

Who (or what) makes the wind? Do we need the wind? What do we use the wind for?

In this lesson, you will learn all about the air that moves across Earth’s surface: the wind. You’ll start with a demonstration that creates mini air currents right in front of you. Then, you will take a look at how air particles behave on a microscopic scale, and how that behavior creates the wind that moves through the atmosphere. You will learn about high and low air pressure zones, how the wind affects our lives on Earth, and some of the many things we use the wind for. Then, you will be able to work hands-on with the wind. You will see that temperature differences affect air movement, discover what the wind can carry, and find out how windmills make wind into power.

What you’ll learn:

  • Air circulates.
  • Wind is the result of uneven heating and cooling on Earth.

Lesson Includes

  • 11 Sections