Hands-on science,
designed for Montessori.

Standards-aligned lessons & experiments. Ages 6-12+


A fun & immersive learning experience

Montessori Learner

150+ hands-on experiments

A Montessori science sequence of over 150 experiments and activities that build on each other. All of our experiments are completely safe and designed for both classroom and home use.


Virtual field trips

Take an urban nature walk through London to learn about plants. Explore the geological features of a slot canyon in North America. Make real-world connections to scientific concepts.

Science Book

Authentic Montessori lessons

All of the lessons align with the Montessori geography album or biology album, where science is traditionally introduced, or build on their teachings with other Montessori-inspired STEAM activities.


Interest-driven study

Freedom for learners to pick lessons and experiments that spark their interest, and work at their own pace. Our lessons are designed for easy, independent navigation.

Loved by teachers & parents

Loved by teachers & parents

Dive deeper into STEAM learning

CO2 fire extinguisher
Growing crystals
Convection tornado
Burning iron
Green flame
Harness the wind

Spark your learner's curiosity


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Choose a lesson that sparks your learner’s interest.

From chemistry and physics to earth and space science, you’re sure to find an exciting topic to explore. Each lesson includes 1-3 videos along with multiple hands-on experiments for your learner to choose from.


Dive into a hands-on experiment or activity.

Learners can choose from Montessori science experiments, STEM activities, nomenclature cards, research prompts, printables, and more!

So, why choose us?

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Improve academic performance

UChicago-led research shows that students who learn by doing understand more deeply and do better academically than their peers (something Dr. Maria Montessori already knew!)


Big-picture lessons

Science is the study of the world around us - from our home to our Universe. Our courses help learners make connections to that world and enhance their Cosmic Education.

Encourage discovery through self-directed learning

Still have questions?

Our lessons are designed to complement the lower and upper elementary curriculum. Ages 6-12+.

All of the experiments and online material is designed with easy navigation in mind, so that students can be the directors of their own learning. As a safety precaution, adult supervision is necessary when performing experiments, demonstrations, and activities.

Absolutely! You can choose the membership that works best for your learning environment on our pricing page. Please feel free to contact us directly at info@learnlibre.com if you have any further questions. 

Absolutely! We’re always adding new ones, and you get automatic access to anything new we add while your membership is active.

Yes, our classroom is currently offered in both English and Spanish. You can switch between each language using the language switcher in our menu.